Monday, 11 December 2017

Sign in Your Outlook/Hotmail Account Securely Login Outlook

tricks to make your Outlook/Hotmail .com accounts even more protected

In a world of several devices, on-line ubiquity, & cloud storage, the protection of your personal content— e-mail, documents, & photos—is more essential than ever. As well as the behind-the-scenes work we do to maintain your Hotmail/Outlook .com accounts safe, we have made a list of what we think are the best five things that you can do, to help keep your accounts as safe as
possible :

Sign in Your Outlook/Hotmail Account Securely

Sign in Your Outlook/Hotmail Account Securely 

Set up two-step verification 

Outlook .com offers two-step verification, another extra layer of security on your accounts. You must allow this if you would want to make your accounts as safe as possible.

Two-step verification helps protect your own Outlook/Hotmail .com accounts by making it very more difficult for a hacker to sign in, although they have somehow learned your password. Once you allow 2-step verification, you will get an extra page each time you sign in on a new and not familiar device. The extra page prompts you to type a security code, which we will send to your own phone and your alternative e-mail address. You could also obtain one through an authenticator app on your own smartphone ( the official Microsoft authenticator is to be found on Windows Phone & Android). 

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